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Joshua Hale


Managing Partner

Joshua Hale is a licensed attorney and technologist specializing in high-technology telecommunications, intellectual property, and international law. Based in Columbus, Ohio, he has worked with renowned companies like AT&T, HomeDAO, and Pacific Century Cyberworks, providing general counsel, advisory, and expertise in areas such as cryptocurrency, NFTs, DAOs, and blockchain. Joshua's extensive experience includes serving as General Counsel to various organizations, advising on multi-million dollar projects, and working on international cases spanning countries like the United Arab Emirates, India, China, and more. With his proficiency in negotiation, international business, and intellectual property, Joshua is well-suited to be the managing partner of an international law firm, offering valuable insights and legal guidance to clients worldwide. You can contact him on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/thisthatjosh.

Dr. Lawrence Chan, MD


Family Offices Manager

Lawrence Chan is an accomplished entrepreneur and investor with a strong background in start-ups, real estate, and market research. Based in Oakland, California, he is driven by a passion for mentoring and personal growth. Lawrence has a diverse professional experience, including founding Bright Sun, a company focused on early stage financing for renewable projects, and serving as an angel investor in various innovative ventures. With a proven track record in business development and strategic planning, Lawrence brings valuable expertise to managing the family offices division of a law firm. His extensive network and knowledge of the commercial and municipal markets make him well-equipped to provide comprehensive financial guidance to high-net-worth families. You can connect with him via his LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/lawrencechan-02742726b.

Shaswata KapaT

Associate Attorney

Shaswata Kapat is a dedicated and passionate associate attorney poised to make a major impact in the field of technology law and web3. With a strong background in cyber ethics, forensics, and a deep understanding of the intersection between technology and the law, Shaswata is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of technology laws, crypto regulations, blockchain jurisprudence, and tokenomics. With experience working at top-tier law firms in India, UAE, and the USA, Shaswata has advised clients on complex cross-border technology transactions and successful crypto projects. He has also resolved disputes related to virtual digital assets. Shaswata's unique combination of technical savvy and legal expertise positions him to shape the future of the tech industry by helping clients thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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